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          Key Stage 5 Exam Results 2019

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          Sixth Form Team

          Kay sally mrs Screenshot 70 Screen shot 2020 07 15 at 113831
          Mrs Sally Kay

          Head of Sixth Form

          Mr Cory Belony

          Assistant Head - Year 13

          Mrs Emma Browne

          Assistant Head - Year 12

          Moore alison miss Evans lowri miss Mrs Cait Beck - UCAS
          Miss Alison Moore


          Miss Lowri Evans

          Sixth Form Administrator

          Mrs Cait Beck

          UCAS Coordinator


          To contact us please email sixthform@tringschool.org

          Sixth Form Tweets

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            tringschool Retweeted

            Tring School @TringSch6thform - Jul 15
          //t.co/BbYmK54gzY //t.co/vnEhl8061g
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        • Tring School Music @TringSch6thform - Jul 15... and the concert is LIVE!!! Watch on this link //t.co/e02Q4KANca we’re SO proud of everyone who took part!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @tringschool @TringSch6thform
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          TringSchEnhanc Retweeted

          TringSch Enhancement @TringSch6thform - Jul 15504 Gateway Time-out
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          TringSch6thform - Jul 10

          @TringSch6thform - Jul 10@PeterWalterGB Hi Peter, I’ve asked Mr Holmes to take a look and we’ll try and remedy the issue. Thanks
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          GillianLRogers Retweeted

          Gillian Rogers @
        • Socially distanced football @TringSchPE @TringSch6thform //t.co/Yk9RcC1B07
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        • @
          Year 12 Media students have created amazing short films during lockdown. Well done to all involved. You can view them here and vote for your favourite: //t.co/en4FpUkUMM
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          TringSchDrama Retweeted

          Tring School Drama @TringSch6thform - Jul 5Students check this out, from one of our lovely alumni students Hetty! What a fantastic project! //t.co/qU2jW2jm6d
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          TringSch6thform - Jul 1

          @TringSch6thform - Jul 1Well done to our amazing students for putting this beautiful piece together 😍 //t.co/40elrtWvvs
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          TringSch6thform - Jun 26

          @TringSch6thform - Jun 26@TringSchDrama 😂
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          TringSch6thform - Jun 25

          @TringSch6thform - Jun 25
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          TringSch6thform - Jun 23

          @TringSch6thform - Jun 23@benniekara @tringschenglish
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          TringSch6thform - Jun 22

          @TringSch6thform - Jun 22

          504 Gateway Time-out

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          TringRadio Retweeted

          Tring Radio @TringSch6thform - Jun 21We’re doing a test show this afternoon on @TringRadio with 2,young ladies from @TringSch6thform, show then some love everyone! @LollyandMitch @TringTogether @EverythinTring
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          tringschool Retweeted

          Tring School @TringSch6thform - Jun 19It's House Competition Time! Log your run, walk or cycle ride over the next 7 days and upload the results onto the Google Form in your House Classroom. Lets see which house gets the furthest.   @TringSchClaydon @TringSchHalton @TSWaddesdon @TS_Ascott @SueCollings_RLP //t.co/rkr5KuKKUj
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          scottdavies1988 Retweeted

          Scott Davies @TringSch6thform - Jun 19
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